• Thank you so much Fulvia.   Our time together was informative and valuable and I love tapping now! Thank you for teaching me that useful skill. I will be using it for years to come and think of you in gratitude!  All the best to you and I will let you know if ever I want to meet again (K. Green)
  • “I would like to thank you for all the work you have done to help me to improve my symptoms and specially my mental state. This was an important step in my recovery journey. I will definitely contact you again if I need more help.”(C from Wimbledon)
  • “A big thank you for helping me get rid of my unhealthy habits. Before I found you, one year of psychotherapy helped me very little. After six sessions with you I feel as if my life has turned around for good. Now I really know how to look after myself.” (R. B.)
  • “I found Fulvia’s sessions very effective in getting rid of tension and anxiety.
    Fulvia is caring and professional. She is a very no-nonsense person and gets to the root of the problem in no time.
    Her therapy room is so soothing and you really feel at home and cared for.
    I thoroughly recommend her services. Money and time well spent.”
    (Carol S., Surrey)
  • “I always wanted to find out about my past lives. Fulvia helped me get access with hypnosis and I finally found out what I needed to and now I am able to move on. Recommended if you have blocks that stop you reaching your full potential.” (Penny, Sutton)
  • “I could not believe how fast this therapy worked. Fulvia taught me EFT (Meridian Tapping) and I started doing my own ‘maintenance’ daily as soon as I got home. I was prepared to have quite a few sessions, but after 3 sessions my problem had vanished. I had tried others, with little or no result but Fulvia is the nicest therapist in Surrey!” (Kris, Surrey)
  • “My relationships have improved dramatically since I’ve had therapy with Fulvia. She helped me work on my self-esteem and I now feel different about myself and no longer fear social situations. My self-image has changed and I can now relate to other people without any fear of being judged or criticised.” (Cathy J. from Surrey)
  • “I had a thing about my eyes all my life. I couldn’t even apply eye-drops. When my cataract operation was due I started panicking so much I could hardly think about it without getting into a state. I never thought I would be able to even turn up at the hospital. I went to see a local hypnotherapist to no avail. Then I found Fulvia one month before the date of the operation. We had six sessions and the last one was on the day before the op. We did hypnosis and EFT. Not only did I go through the operation without panicking, but now I can apply eyedrops myself and do so on a daily basis.” (Andrew)
  • “I went to see Fulvia with a habit problem. I Knew where the habit came from but didn’t know how to get rid of it. She taught me EFT and we did some hypnosis. I never thought I could be hypnotised. I soon could control my habit and now I am almost symptom free, for which I thank her” (A. Surrey)
  • “If you need a healer, I can thoroughly recommend this practitioner. I’ve been working with her for some years now and she has a real gift, for both hypnotherapy and EFT (tapping – an exceptionally useful way to clear ‘stuff’). So if you want to stop smoking, get rid of physical ailments or old habits, have a look at this website and then contact her.” (Cilla Conway, artist and spiritual counsellor)
  • ” I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Doctor prescribed medication which made me feel ill. Fulvia was very kind and understanding and showed me how to control my panic attacks. We also worked on my childhood. Now I feel like another person” ( T, Sutton )
  • “Other people had tried to hypnotise me before but failed. Fulvia said we’d just do some deep relaxation and it worked for me. I now enjoy it and she showed me how to do it myself. I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life” (Jane from Wallington, Surrey)
  • “I found the session really helpful and you are very professional and confident. It was useful to clarify and analyse the various situations and circumstances that trigger the desire for a drink. It all helps to understand and take control of the situation, so thank you.” (William from Surrey)